Friday, September 25, 2015

MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

I am very happy with this monitor it is very fast and seems very accurate. My Daughter is a CNA and took this to work to give it a full test. She came home raving about how well she liked it. The LCD screen is very easy to read. it is very lightweight. For home users it has a setting to monitor 2 people and it will save up to 60 reading. There is also a setting where it calculates a average of the last 3 readings.
 This comes with the monitor, and works off of 2 AAA batteries which comes with it, the instruction manual. It is so much easier the arm cuff type where you need a extra set of hands to get it on correctly. This one is velcro around the band but it also have a plastic inset which is rounded to fit around the wrist and make it easy to do it by yourself.
 My daughter and I both love this monitor. At least I do when she lets me use it. She has been taking it to work with her daily because it is so much better then the ones at work. She has 12 people in her unit at work and so far the batteries have not died yet. She did bit n a name brand battery instead of the ones that came with it.

I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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