Monday, August 24, 2015

HOVEOX Women Maternity Support Postpartum Pregnancy Recovery Belly Abdomen Waist Belt

I have recently lost about 30 lbs of weight, YAY GO ME!! My belly on the other hand didn't get the memo, and I kind of have a Flat spare tire thing going on, on top of I have had 3 kids. I may not be recently postpartum but when I was asked to try this belt I figured what the heck I would give it a shot, heck I would give anything a shot, at this point I cannot wear any tight clothing. Now mind you I am not expecting overnight miracles. I received my belt in the mail tried it on and it is very comfortable. I did read the sizing chart and chose the size stated and it fit perfect. I love being able to see what my waist should and hopefuly will look like very soon.
 This waist band is made out of a mesh material and like I said it is very comfortable. It has 2 layers of support. It is also great for posturing your back. If does not cause you to sweat like the waist trimmer belts but it does help to shape you. I can wear it under jeans and a t-shirt or a loose fitting dress and no one but me knows I am wearing it. I still can't wear form fitting clothes but I know I am on my way there,
  The velcro is very good and strong it does not try to come loose as it runs against my clothes. I have not had any problem at all with the band rolling when I wear it.  All in all I really like this waist belt.
 I received this product for free or  at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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