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Book Tour and Giveaway: Riding by Cassia Cassitas

Book Details:

Book Title: Riding by Cassia Cassitas
Category:  Adult fiction, 254 pages
Genre:  Parenting & Relationship / Special Needs
​ / Short Stories​

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Release date:  April 2015

Book Description:

Amidst real events and landscapes, men and women like us wander the cities we inhabit, rehearsing happier lives in the pages of this motivational narrative. From each one, destiny took a part to make them perfect.

When he is born, Andre propels his mother's life in a new direction. His father, an executive who organizes Olympic competitions around the world and doesn't know when to come back home, strives to make him a wordly citizen. Cycling, his life acquires purpose: becoming an Olympic para-athlete.

Together with his friends, he experiences disappointments and new beginnings. A doctor that builds robots, the daughter of a lonely teenager, and a retired athlete teach André how to overcome his limits and live his dream.

Set in Curitiba with breaks in Los Angeles, Seoul, Johannesburg and Soweto, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, the narrative ends in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

As a tribute to all those who choose to sign the next episodes of their lives, this book is about overcoming one’s self amid achievements, obstacles, love and heroism, written behind the scenes of life.

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Meet the author:

"In my mind, words came in strides. They aligned themselves in arguments that were ready for combat after rebelling themselves - and that was just inkling. Were was my certainty to support the new image? And where were my emotions, with their brushes to bring color to life?"

Born in the interior of the state of ParanĂ¡, Cassia Cassitas accumulated various degrees throughout her carreer in Information Technology. The author of three novels, her texts convey ideas accumulated amidst the smell of coffee plantations, shoe factories, and the technology of the 20th century. These texts deal with life-altering episodes, in a path lit by a harmonious blend of memories and imagination.

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Author Interview
1- There are many books out there about sports. What makes yours different?

Dealing with stories that cover a large period of time (1983 through 2012) in various places around the globe, I tied real facts and fictional characters together. I did this in a manner that keeps the characters bound together through the theme, and goal, of cycling and striving for participation in the Olympics. In many ways, the stories and the thoughts are about challenges and how people of all types determine their destinies. 

2- A fiction full of non-fiction stuff. Who will appreciate reading it? 

People say “this is a book for all ages” and I agree. Sports fans will identify with the theme of seeking physical and psychological excellence, mothers and fathers will see themselves in Andre's parents, and children with disabilities will see the main character as their role model.

3- What was the time frame for writing this book? 

I started writing the book in 2012. But a lot happened in between, so writing was a luxury, it came slowly.  After two years of writing on and off, I got on fire. It was impossible to put the manuscript aside for almost six months. Riding was ready on February, 2015. 

4- You wrote novels with different genres. Where did that choice come from?

I wrote a philosophical essay based on family relations (Sunday the game), a historical novel about the American estate bubble that took place in 2008 (Saga of Wealth), and my newest book is Riding, a story of social inclusion through sport. Each book is a project. Depending on the subject I choose the genre and the language.  Always with a hint of poetry, because the poetic language is food for soul.

5- How did you organize so many different subjects in Riding?

I decided to introduce the characters in different chapters, linking them to one another slowly, until the big picture was completed. For a moment, their lives are a whole drawing. In the next, they become part of something bigger. Approaching and moving away from each other, as the Olympic games do. For a while they are heroes, loved by crowds. When the games are over, they return to their realities. As said in the book: “adrenaline goes away too fast, and it leaves a trail behind you that leads all the way back to the people who love you. Try to look at the heart of things. Look beyond the surface of what seems contradicting to you.” Behind every podium, there are love stories of lifes supporting lifes.


6- As your last words, a quote of Riding:

`From a tender age, he understood that the body speaks through emotions, and he paid attention to his. That was how he taught me that it's possible to live like children who are yet to be trapped to take it all for granted, like the young people whose muscles throb with dreams and plans for the future. That is why my son is a cyclist. Without taming our imagination, sports make our body stronger, give us discipline, and teach us to become winners.'
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