Sunday, July 19, 2015

Words Upon A Tombstone by Barry Jones

Words Upon A Tombstone is written by Barry Jones. It is a book of eclectic short stories. Some better then others, some strange, some fiction, some non- fiction, basically it is a mix of all types of short stories and even some poems. I really enjoyed the book.
  I have to admit my favorite story was number 6, Obituaries. It is a fictional story but very believable, so much so that if it were a movie I would pay to go see it. It is about an old man who reads obits every morning, one morning he reads about a young woman, then heads out to a doctor visit, while waiting he gets bored and finds another newspaper and reads it's obits only to see the same woman's obit except for the service is at a different place, this goes on for several newspapers until the old man leaves his doctors office heads to the DEA and in the end his tips end a drug ring.
  This is a short book and I was able to read it through in a couple of hours. I received this item during a promotion for testing and reviewing.

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