Friday, July 10, 2015

Orblue Culinary Torch

I have been wanting a culinary torch for a while, but just wasn't sure I would use it enough to warrant spending the money on one. So now that I was given a chance to receive mine at a huge discount during a promotion I jumped on it. Well if I had of known I would love it this much I would of spent the money. This thing is great. I love a good steak, who doesn't? I love mine medium rare, and I love just a touch of fat around it , for flavor. But being medium rare the fat ring is not really crispy, and a fat ring should be crispy. Now I can have my crispy edges and my medium rare steak. It is also great for melting a bit of cheese on top of a cracker. For browning meringue, and so much more.
This one is refillable with butane lighter fluid, which is not included. I love that it has thick and thin flame settings. It does have a safety switch, so it won't light if you happen to grab it and press the button.  It is very lightweight. The stainless steel hand hold is sort of grooved so it is non slip.
I just love it,

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