Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TSA Lock, by: Alaska Bear®

So I don't travel weekly but my husband and I do go on vacations, and a lot of weekend getaways. So I wanted a lock for our suitcases. I was asked to try this lock in exchange for my honest opinion and since I really wanted one anyway I went for it.
There are several great features to this lock.
First you get to set your own 3 digit combination, which is awesome since I have enough numbers and codes to remember in my job and daily life, it will make it so much easier to not have to add another code to my list.
Next is made of a zinc alloy so will probably outlast me
It is TSA approved, and has a Red Pole Alert, now I personally had no clue what all that meant when I purchased the lock, but now I do. TSA has a special tool to open approved locks so if they decide they want to riffle through your stuff they see the diamond on the lock, pull out their tool which safely opens instead of breaking your lock and leaving your suitcase unprotected. The red pole alert means, there is a small red pole in the lock and when it is opened by TSA's tool a red bar sticks up letting you know TSA picked you to riffle through your stuff, so You can check your bag and make sure everything is still inside. Only when your 3 digit code is put into the lock after the bar has been activated will it slide back into the lock.

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