Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stewart® Freeze Dried Duck Liver Treats for Dogs

I have never tried freeze dried dog treats before, heck I have never seen freeze dried dog treats either. When I opened the container, which has a great air tight seal by the way, i was a little lost on the look of these treats at first. I cannot fully describe the look, they are multi sized bite sized pieces, kind of tan colored, anyway they look a little weird, unlike other dog treats I have used and I use a lot of treats. They have a different smell, it's not horrible, but it isn't cake either. The smell does not jump out of the container and smack you in the face either it is kind of mild.
  The true test was when I gave Mr. Mighty Mouse Dog (my dog) one, he sniffed it for about 1 second then devoured it then begged for more.
  Now for the good stuff, the ingredients simply duck liver and nothing else, no preservatives or anything. I don't like feeding humans a lot of junk and I don't like feeding it to my dogs either.
I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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