Saturday, June 27, 2015

Microfiber Polishing Cloth for Stainless Steel

Very nice cloth, I took it to work with me for the stainless steel that has to be cleaned and shined. We use a product called Sheila Shine for cleaning the stainless. This worked great for the stainless that just needed wiped down, that has had the Sheila Shine on it before. I used it dry one day. The next day I used it wet and it cleaned the dribbles and stuff on the doors nicely. As for fingerprints and oily spots, without a cleaner it really didn't do a lot. It is very soft and does not scratch so I will continue to use it. I did put a light mist of the Shelia Shine on it and put it in a plastic bag and it works great, I just pull it out of the bag wipe it over the stainless, the stick it back in the plastic baggie.
I did receive this through a promotion in exchange for my honest opinion.

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