Saturday, June 27, 2015

IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector

This is a great screen protector. It is made of real glass and was so easy to apply, it was almost like magnetic.I held it over my phone screen and when it got real close to touching it was almost like a magnet. It took 2 tries to get it totally straight, but that was my fault, my hands shake. 
 It also came with a cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe, the screen protector of course, and easy to follow instructions. It all comes in a nice bifold case. The screen protector is in a protective plastic envelope, to protect it.
   It fit my Samsung Galaxy s6 perfectly. It is completely clear, and does not impede my touch screen at all. It has no glues on it so when you remove it, it will not leave a residue.  
I did receive mine free in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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