Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GrowVeg Vegetable Garden Planner

Planning, Planting, growing and harvesting a garden can be a complicated mind blowing thing, but with GrowVeg they make it so much easier. You tell them what you want to plant, they tell you when to plant it, how to grow it, and where to place it in your garden. They even keep track of this years garden, and help you plan next years from this years. You can even print your plans.
Very nice little program, for keeping track of what you have planted, where it is planted, and helps you design your garden. I like that it helps keep track of your planting dates. The program is a bit basic but the wealth of information on their website is amazing. A little and a lot of everything you need to plant and grow a successful garden. The program is online, so nothing to download. You never have to worry about a computer crash taking your garden plans away either.

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