Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fedeerico's Premium High Absorbency Chenille Microfiber Scratch-free Car Wash Mitt

I love these Chenille Microfiber wash mitts. I have a new car, and I am afraid of the car wash so I only hand wash my new baby. These wash mitts are awesome for cleaning wide areas at once, no worry at all about scratching it either. Since there are 2 in this set you can put them on both hands and be done faster.  One side is smooth, the other side is noodles for lack of a better word. These are machine washable also. So after cleaning your car toss them in the washer and they can be put in a dryer or hung to dry. I just hung mine in the garage and let them dry naturally. I let my husband use them on the motorcycle too.
 I have other products by Federico's and find them all to be very high quality.
I did receive mine in exchange for my honest review.

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