Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brieftons NextGen 4 blade Spiralizer

I love the Brieftons NextGen Spiralizer. I have a couple of other brands, which will now be finding a new home since i have this one. The other ones I have do not have 4 blades. This one can do so much more with the interchangeable blades. I am a from scratch cook, there is not and never will be boxed meals in my house, so this is great for me in all kinds of cooking, and decorating my food. Food just seems to taste better when it looks appealing. This makes some really beautiful garnishes. I also love zucchini noodles, and carrot spirals and julienne carrots. My favorite hamburger topping is julienne french fried potatoes, and this does a great job of making them.
I did receive this item during a promotion in exchange for my honest review.

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