Saturday, May 9, 2015

Window Bird Feeder with Removable Tray Review

This is a really cool bird house. It s extremely easy to put together and install. To install it clean the glass of your window, wet the 2 large suction cups and push it onto the window. Done.
 It is very clear plastic, it has a roof, and a removable tray. I love that you dont have to take the whole thing down in order to clean the tray and refill with seed. If you have cats, make sure it is high enough and away from ledges and other area your cats can climb onto it, for one it will not hold the cats weight, but the big thing is you really don't want your kids or yourself for that matter to watching the birds, and then see the cat attack. Also if you have lots of squirrels you may want to make sure of the same things, that its not close to edges they can jump up on or you wont have any seed for the birds.
  It did take a few days for the birds to start showing up, but it is so much fun watching them now that they have.
 I did receive mine in exchange for my honest review.

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