Friday, May 15, 2015

Viking for Hire by: Jo Gafford Review

Viking for Hire is a short story (60 pages). It is in the historical Romance genre. I personally think Jo Gafford done a great job in writing the story. Every page kept you interest in it. Some short stories feel like they had a set amount of pages and couldn't go over by even one word, rushed I guess you would call it, This story was not like that at all,  it was well thought out and planned.
The story is about Branwyn O’Tyre, she is a practicing witch whose estranged half brother The bishop of Exeter has come to arrest, under the ruse of wanting her to do a healing ritual for him.  Branwyn drinks a protection potion before he comes, which Eirik sees her do. Branwyn then hires Eirik to give her safe passage away from her brother's clutches. Eirik has a need for her witchcraft and agrees.
Eirik is cursed. Most men would probably like his curse, every woman who sees him falls madly in love with him. Eirik is a gentleman though and does no.t take advantage o f women under the spell.  
It is up to Branwyn to break this curse, and she must do it before she looses herself to the curse.

I was given my copy of The Viking For Hire in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Hi, Teresa! Thank you for the fabulous review and for hosting a tour stop for Viking For Hire. Appreciate you!

    1. You are very welcome, Best of luck toyou and your book.