Friday, May 8, 2015

Aria Triple Peptide Firming Serum Review

I don't have wrinkles and do not want them so I have been shopping around for something that will keep me from getting wrinkles. I may have found that product. It only takes a few drops to cover my whole face and neck area. The serum contains no alcohol, parabens, preservatives, sulfates and it has not been tested on animals. It comes in a nice 0.5 ounce bottle and has a pump top with a push on pull off cap, it is not child proof. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave you feeling greasy or sticky. It does have a slight odor, but it is just slight, it does go away quickly though. The company doesn't use fragrances in this serum so the smell is the combination of peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen mixed together. without a fragrance to overcome it.
I did receive my bottle in exchange for my honest review.

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