Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The UltiMITT byt Thermalabs Review

I received the Ultimitt in exchange for my honest review.
 This is a GREAT way to apply the sunless tanning lotions and not have your hands looking pretty nasty. The glove itself is pretty big to fit all sized hands. It has a extremely soft microfiber cover on the outside, on the inside is a thin skin of what I can only describe as foam rubber. You just slide your hand in the glove put the tanner on it and rub it all over. It does come with a small glove for fine tuning like around the face area. It also comes with a great travel bag with a zip top to keep it inside.
 The glove is easily washable.  It is very flexible to get around all of your curves and bends. Stretch, break and crack resistant, and Longer lasting than any other mitt.
 Mine even came with a 10% coupon on any of their other products.

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