Thursday, May 28, 2015

Super Bright Rim Lights - Personalized LED Colorful Wheel Lights Review.

Package includes A 3 pack of 2 x green 2 x blue 2 x colorful LED Valve Bike Lights, and multiple connectors.

 I did try to take a picture of these while on the bike (motorcycle in our case) but it was just a streak. The lights work while in motion, and go off when stopped. These lights do have a 50,000 hour lifetime. Which is a lot of riding. I like that you get a variety in this package. they do come in a zip top bag, for easy storage and also easy to get into the bag. You could also attach these to car wheels. If you have 3 kids all of them can have a set on their bikes with just 1 set. 
These were shipped by Amazon fullfilment, which means amazon tossed them into the box and shipped them t me. When i got mine Amazon also tossed a large bottle of coconut oil, and a few other heavy things into the box, there was like 7 things packed in this box with the lights, needless to say to when they arrived, the bag had popped open and most of the pieces were broken. I contacted customer service , not Amazon, they almost immediately emailed me back, and shipped me a new set.
So they have top notch customer service.

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