Sunday, May 17, 2015

Skylark Insulated Portable Wine Cooler Tote Review

  I really like this, we have beer coozies, bottle coozies, can coozies, now we have wine coozies.  This is made out of diving suit material, which is great insulation, it comes with a freezer pack that velcro's  around your win bottle. The top half and bottom half are seperated by a zipper, makes serving your wine easy and still keeping the cold in. The handles make transporting your wine from car to picnic area, beach, or wherever you want to drink your wine. Would also be great just for a backyard with your loved one, or use it inside during a get together. The dimensions of this is 14 x6 inches. You will also get a FREE eBook with Wine and Spirits Recipes and How to Brew Beer at Home 
  I was given my Portable wine cooler in exchange for my honest review.


• Refrigerator safe 
• Portable and easy to carry 
• Designed for those who love wine on the go 
• Easy to wipe clean! 

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