Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sentey® Headphones Curve (Black) Ls-4124 Review

These are great earphones, have great sound, I love the inline microphone. They are very easy to adjust the size. But the best part is they are comfortable. The cord is long enough you can plug into a computer and not have to set right on it without moving. The plug in is gold plated, which i have heard makes a better connection. The inline microphone is omni directional so you dont have to hold it in your hand and speak directly into it. It never fails if I am trying to do something that I need 2 hands for someone will call and want to chat endlessly. This solves that problem. It also has inline control so I can shove my phone or mp3 player into a pocket and not have to dig it out every time I want to skip a song or answer my phone. And they are inexpensive. I did get my set in exchange for my honest review.

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