Monday, May 11, 2015

Retseliney Neck Cream Review

I was chosen to receive this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

I have only been using this about a week but after just the first use my skin already felt softer. I really like that it is a cream instead of a gel. Not sure why I feel that way really, I just prefer creams. A lot of gels have  almost sticky feel afterwards but this did not at all. I also like the bottle being a pump style bottle. It does have  push on pull off cap and is not child proof.
  It only has a slight smell to it, to me it is a hint of cucumber. It is a very light smell and goes away after it dries.
  My skin is not sagging or wrinkled, but I don't want to get that way. So I have tried a few different creams and gels, and this definitely one of the tops of the list.
  It is 98.5% naturally derived, 70% organic, and good for all skin types. And the company does not test on animals.

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