Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quick Sweat Dice by Stack 52 Review


This set of dice is an amazing workout tool. You will get a different workout every time you play. There are 7 color coded dice. Red = core, Blue = cardio, Green = chest, Yellow = legs, Orange = arms, and the white one is the number die. 
  You roll all of the dice, the number die will tell you how many reps to do each exercise, the color dice will tell you which exercise to do.  The directions tell you not to stop in between exercises go from one to the next. You can play it as a game, you get 1 point per rep you complete, You can play by yourself or also play with a group. 
   You can take these dice anywhere with you, since there is no equipment needed for any of the exercises. The exercises are very easy to learn and they are all demonstrated on the stack 52 website.
   These dice were created by By Army Sergeant Mike Volkin for the Army. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin the Army Commendation Medal for the fitness programs he designed for the troops while stationed overseas.
  There is also a deck of cards. The website says if you can find just 5 minutes a day you can get in shape. With these dice. The website is an amazing tool to really help you with these workouts. 
  I was given my set of dice in exchange for an honest review.

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