Monday, May 18, 2015

Piczzle - Your special puzzle with your own photo Review

These picture puzzles are just beautiful. I chose my favorite picture, personalized it and they made me a puzzle out of it. It comes in a  cardboard box with the picture on top of it, the puzzle pieces are in a zip top bag inside the box. I chose the 8x10 size with 30 pieces. They have puzzles in all sizes and anywhere from 6 pieces to 2000 pieces. They also sell them cheaper then the online photo sites too. 
I have the cardboard one but you can also get wooden pieces. The cardboard puzzle pieces are about the same thickness as regular puzzles you buy at the store, not the real cheap puzzles though, these are the more expensive puzzle thickness.
The picture is printed very clearly, and comes out just beautiful. This would be a great gift for anyone even.  You can personalize them anyway you want. This picture was from my dream vacation, and it's my husbands favorite picture of us, actually I think it's the beautiful background behind us, but either way, we can relive the memory of that amazing vacation as we piece this puzzle together. 
The hardest part of this whole thing is deciding which picture to turn into a puzzle
Below is a video review
Check out the Piczzle website to see all the sizes and types of puzzles.

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