Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maverick Redi-Chek Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer Review

 I have to say when I first saw this I knew I had to have one. I am a from scratch cook and a gadget junkie. This is my new favorite gadget. I love that I no longer have to stick my head and hand into the over or over a hot grill in order to read the temperature of the food I am cooking. I love love love that this will even tell me how long I need to cook something, and so far it has been spot on.
 The app is very small and does not take a lot of complicated button pushing in order for it to work, or a genius to figure it out. The almost 5 foot long stainless steel probe wire is so nice. I love that it neatly wraps around the palm sized thermometer for easy storage. I have a large clunky thermometer that the wire always seems to be wrapped around everything in the drawer, not with this one.
I did receive mine in exchange for my honest review, but I was gonna buy it if I didn't get chosen.

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