Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Set of 4 Review

This loose leaf tea infuser set is adorable and durable.  I love the colorful silicone tops, I love the color assortment, I love the little silicone stands, I love the stainless steel bases.  I really love that they are BPA free, FDA approved food grade silicone, and rust proof. 
They would make a great gift to any tea drinker. 
They are about 5 inches tall, you get 4 in the box, a blue, green, red and yellow. You get the top part with a cute leaf design, the metal bottoms, and little trays to set them on so they don't drip all over your table. 
These are not made for finely ground tea leaves. They are made to where you can use the same grounds for your second cup and it should taste just as good as your first.
I did get mine in exchange for my honest opinion.

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