Monday, May 11, 2015

K2R Cell Phone Car Mount Review

I tried taking the pictures in the car, but they didn't show up to well, so I took them in the house so you can fully see this handy little mount.
This si by far the coolest mount of it's kind I have personally seen. On the back out the phone holder part it has this little button they almost robotically opens the little side arms, you put your phone in, squeeze the arms snug up to the phone, then on the back there is a lock and unlock button, which locks the arms so your phone cannot work loose while you are driving. To me this is awesome.
 It also has a really strong suction cup on the bottom of the base which you can attach to either your dash or the windshield, and there is a button for that too. I like that the phone base and the suction base slides together so if you need to pick your phone up just slide it upright an it comes off the base. This is very helpful since those buttons that make your phone stay are on the back of the base. I really like this phone mount and it will hold even the larger phones. Also the phone base will turn a full 360 degrees, so you can put your phone at any angle you need.
I was given my phone mount in exchange for my honest review.

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