Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Infernal Innovations Magnetic car mount Review

I received the Infernal Innovations Magnetic car mount in exchange for my honest review. 
I really like this mount. It takes about 2 seconds to install. It comes with 2 magnets a rectangle one and a round one. They do have adhesive strips on them for a permanent mount, but I like to change phones, I like to change cases, and I like different devices, so I just slipped the magnet in between my phone and my case and it worked just as good as if I would of stuck it to my phone. This is a small base so it does not hog up your whole  dash. It has a very sticky bottom suction cup and can go on your dash or winder. There is a locking lever on the base. Make sure to use this both when putting it on or it won't stick, and taking it off or you may rip your dash up, this thing really sticks. As a FREE BONUS, they've included a stylish 75mm adhesive disk (5.99$ value) in case you have a particularly troublesome dash. They even stand by their product and offer a risk-free 5 year warranty and a better than money-back 60 day guarantee. I think its a great gadget, small. sturdy, and non obtrusive. 

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