Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold by Bar Brat

This Ice Ball Maker is one more Great product by Bat Brat. I have used several of Bat Brats products and they are all quality and innovative products.
The Ice Ball maker is made out of silicone, and I love silicone products. You get one set of 2 pieces. There is a bottom and top. The set makes 4 ice balls. These are smaller then some other ice ball makers I have, but I really like these because the others I have do not fit into a lot of smaller glasses. These fit great into 2 inch glasses. By using the ice balls they do not melt as fast as regular ice cubes so in turn do not water down your drinks.  I love to add them to my water bottle, they keep my water colder longer then regular ice cubes. 
I was given my set in exchange for an honest review. 

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