Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor seems to be very accurate, my Daughter is in the nursing field. She used this machine to take my blood pressure and then used her old fashion cuff and stethoscope, and it was with 2 degrees. 
This runs on 3 triple a batteries which does come with it. It also come with a storage case, the arm cuff, and the monitor itself. The digital display is very clear with large numbers that is very easy to read. It has to where you can track 2 users. It has a 1 button start/stop.  The arm cuff is one size fits all, it is velcro. 
The monitor shows systolic/diastolic and heart readings. pulse and irregular heart beat sensor, hypertension indicator bar.
I did receive my monitor in exchange for my honest review.

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