Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grilluminator BBQ Grill Light Review

My Grill at night

My Grill at night with Grilluminator

I live in the sticks, so to speak, there are not many street lights and none in my backyard so as you can tell by the 1st picture when it's dark outside it's really dark. I was given the Grilluminator BBQ Grill Light in exchange for my honest review and am really glad that I was. This sucker is really bright. It takes 3 AA batteries which come with the light. It has a screw on connector. It goes on the handle of the grill, the light head is fully adjustible so you can move it where ever you need the light aimed at. The switch is  touch switch, there is no real button just rub your finger across the circled area and the light comes on or goes off. This is a great item and will make grilling during the winter months, when it gets dark early easier.  I live in Florida and grill year round.

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