Friday, May 15, 2015

Futur-e-Stick Review

I received the Future-E-Stick in exchange for my honest review.
I really do like this product, it makes doing a lot of things on my tablet easier. and I love that I can stand it on the desk next to me and read, play games, or whatever. I do have a 10.1 inch tablet and as you can see in the picture it is sturdy enough to hold it. Built into the bottom of the handle is a removeable power bank, so you can charge your tablet as you are working on it. This sturdy little sucker is great. It does have a screw on cap to close the end of the handle if you do not want to put the power bank in. It also comes in a nice magnetic closured box to keep everything safe for storage, travel, or just whenever you're not using it.

The pad that holds your tablet is a very sticky substance, it does not leave a residue on the back of your device though. It has a cellophane piece covering the sticky pad, I keep mine in the box so when not in use I just put it back on.

 It does come with a charging cable, it is about 6 inches.Mine came with a mini USB end on it and did not fit any of my devices or the power bank that comes with it. I notified the company and they explained to me that the manufacturer make a mistake and it had now been fixed. They mailed me the right cable right away. Their Customer Service is top notch and was very quick to respond to me. Gotta love that!!

You can check them out on Amazon at the links below:
Check out the Futur-e-Stick with the USB power bank

Check out the Futur-e-Stick without the USB power bank (less expensive)

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