Monday, May 18, 2015

Ebook - The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life Review

This books is one of those that really drags you in and will not let you out. It is about Krystyna Carmi's life. There are over 100 pictures in the book. looking at these photo's alone make getting this book worth while. The story is very gripping. Krystyna Carmi was the only child survivor of all the children in Oberytn during the Holocaust. 
The book starts by telling you about her childhood, how happy she was, the friends she had, the world around her. The life she lived pre-war. Then it goes into life during the war. The way she describes how things were for her, her family and every other Jew during Hitler's holocaust. To how she survived the worst imaginable horror's. 
 You can almost feel and taste the things she describes. She gives you a first hand account of the terror and horror of the Holocaust. 
This really is a good read.  This is the history of Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, Russians and Germans who, at those times, were in Obertyn, Kolomyja, Horodenka and Zukow.

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