Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Detangle Hair Brush by SH & SH Review

This is a great little brush. It is very brightly colored, I love the funky zigzag bristles, and the mirror on the back side. It is about 6 inches long, so it fits great in a pocket book, glove box, saddle bag, make up kit .....
 My husband and I ride a lot on the motorcycle and we both have long hair, the tangles at times are horrific for lack of a better word. This brush makes detangling a lot easier. This brush works on wet or dry hair. The bristle area is about 1/2 as wide as the brush is long. It works great with my ridiculously thick curly course hair and my husband straight baby fine thin hair.
 I did receive my Hair Brush in exchange for my honest review.
My video review:

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