Wednesday, May 13, 2015

6-IN-1 Stylus Pen for use with All Touchscreen Devices by Extreme review

I received this 6 in 1 stylus pen in exchange for my honest review.
Now mind you I only got to play with a minute before my husband promptly walked in and snatched it up for himself. He REALLY likes it. It is a 1 piece item that does everything, well 6 things.
1. it's a stylus
2. its a ink pen
3. its a ruler
4. its a level
5, its a flat head screwdriver
6. its a phillips head screwdriver.
and it has a shirt clip so you don't loose it out of your pocket.
The stylus end screws off to open you up to the screwdriver bits, the ruler is all  down the side, the level is in the side next to the pen clip and of course the pen is a screw in screw out pen tip at the bottom.

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