Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wine Chiller Aerator & Pourer by Bar Brat Review

Calling all wine drinkers, this is a MUST have item.
This comes to you in a really nice little box, which is nice enough for gift giving. It is a 2 piece device, there is a long rod about 7 inches long, put that in your freezer for about an hour, the aerator/pouring spout is about 4 inches long. The 2 pieces screw together, the rod goes down into the wine bottle where it chills the wine and the aerator part goes over the bottle top. You may have to give in and take a drink of the wine just so the bottle doesn't overflow when you put the chilling rod inside. There is a cool feature to the pouring spout, it has a gravity lid, it is a little flap that when you tip the bottle to pour it flips open, and when you set it back down it closes again. This wine chiller is great, it does work best with already chilled wine, and will keep the wine cold for about an hour.
I was given this wine chiller in exchange for my honest review.

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