Monday, April 20, 2015

U-Bend Review

I was given the UBend in exchange for my honest review.
When the package arrived, there was this small bag about 4x6, and I said to myself, now what am I supposed to do with this? So I took it out of the bag and twisted, turned, and pulled on it a little bit, and then I knew what to do with this. It is little and compact, but it has a huge stretching distance, it does provide enough resistance so you can feel you are working muscles with it but yet it's not a hard hurt yourself resistance. I prefer to use it for the relaxation qualities, it is actually kind of fun, just bend, twist, and pull anyway your imagination tells you to. Being silicone it does pick up pet hair, lint, and dirt easily, but just run it under water and it rinses off.  Summer is coming, give this thing to your kids and they will busy themselves, imagination is a wonderful thing.  This is a Fun way to exercise the mind and body

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