Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers Poster (24 X 36) by Pop Chart Lab Review

When I was given the chance to own a poster by Pop Chart Lab in exchange for my honest review, I was excited. Pop Chart Labs has so many great posters to choose from it was a very hard choice to pick one for the review. I chose the Superpowers one for my son in law who is a comic book freak. I figured at the time of my order to go ahead and give it to him but when it came shipped in a great cardboard tube with lids on both ends I opened it, unrolled it, rolled it back up, put it back in the tube and decided this will be a great gift come Christmas.
The poster is just awesome for anyone who likes comics, it has over 600 super powers listed, they are color coded by the type of power, Animal, mind, weapon, ETC. 
The poster is a very large 24 x 36 inch poster, and would even be great framed.

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