Wednesday, April 15, 2015

REVIEW Dead Handsome by Laura Strickland

I am not usually a steampunk fan but the blurb for this book intrigued me so much I just had to read it. I was not disappointed it.  The book is set in Buffalo New York in 1880 with Clara Marian Allen, the star of the book and Ruella, Clara's former cook looking at a dead man laying on Clara's worktable. The dead man is Liam McMahon. 
Clara needs a husband, her Grandfather will disinherit her if she is not married by her 21st birthday, which is coming up fast, and Clara has no prospects. So she does the only thing she can, she brings a man back from the dead.  Clara herself had been brought back from the dead as an infant. 
Liam McMahon is the man Clara is bringing back to become her husband,  Liam was ripped out of his jail cell and hung from a makeshift gallows.  When Clara brings him back he remembers nothing more then being Irish.  
Clara just wants a marriage of convienece in order to keep her home. Can Liam change her mind?

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