Monday, April 6, 2015

My Review: Zazzol Wine Saver- Vacuum Pump Preserver

Very nice item, very easy to use, and really works.  I received this at  huge discount in exchange for my honest review. It comes in a nice box, would make a great gift for anyone who drinks wine, and has a great instruction manual, pictures for when you have had to much wine :) I use a lot of wine in cooking and its awful to either find Quality wines with screw on caps or waste a lot of wine since it's almost impossible to get a cork back in a wine bottle. This will be a huge money saver for me. It comes with 2 rubber stoppers one for my red and one for my white. It also comes with a 100% LIFETIME Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time your premium wine vacuum  pump fails or you no longer love it, just contact them. How cool is that?

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