Monday, April 6, 2015

My Review: Computer Reading Glasses 1.0 For Women & Man By See 626

I was chosen to receive these glasses in exchange for my honest review.
You get 3 pairs one each of  black, grey, and gold. They are unisex, either male or female can wear them, but they look a little more masculine to me, but if I can see who cares.  These are 1.0 time magnification and work great. The frames are kind of flat and had to kind of bend them a little. The company states they are cheap glasses. The packaging is not the best in the world they came all 3 pairs in a zip top baggie. They were also shipped in a mixed content box, meaning there were 4 other items in the box so 1 pair was kind of smashed a little. Now this part has nothing to do with the company since Amazon packaged and shipping the box.

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