Sunday, April 26, 2015

Microzest Premium Grater & Zester - Professional K Review

Extremely nice zester, I really love this. I am a scratch cook, and I love kitchen gadgets and love to use them. After the first use of this one I tossed my old one in the garbage. This one is about 12 inches long including the handle and has a great plastic blade cover, which is a great thing, can't tell you the times I have stuck my hand in my gadget drawer and come out with cuts and scrapes from bumping things like this. This is very sturdy and durable, it is dishwasher safe but a bit of hot soapy water works just as good. It is high quality Stainless steel. the handle is non slip. I also love the little rubber tips on the end of the blade, not only does it protect your counter, it also helps keep it from sliding around. You also gt a link to download a free guide that has lots of tips, tricks, and recipes to use with the zester. I was given this to try and for my honest review. Honestly I think it is well worth the price. Vistit the companies website:


  1. I received my zester in the mail today. I am amazed at how lightweight it is. Thank you again for hosting this giveaway.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I love mine!!!