Friday, April 24, 2015

+Lifeguard Mini Portable battery charger Revview

My husband and I are pretty much always on the go and having a portable battery charger is a God send. This one is small and I got the pink one, which is an awesome bright metalic pink color. It is not much bigger then a lip stick case. IT takes about 5 hours to charge using a wall charger, which is not included, and about 12 hours to charge it from a computer. It does come with a micro usb cord, and a lightening cord for iphones. It fits great in a purse or pocket and weighs next to nothing. There is not an off or on button, it just knows when it is being charged or when it is charging something. There is a light on it to let you know when it is being charged or charging a device. I have tried this on my Samsung galaxy S4 snd on my tablet both and it works like a charm. It is really a nice to have around, nothing worse then being stranded and having a dead phone too.

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