Friday, April 24, 2015

Handy Panda Bungee Cord Review

My husband loves this set of bungee cords. They come is a great plastic storage case. Inside you get (6) 10 inch cords, (6) 18 inch cords, (4) 24 inch cords, (2) 32 inch cords, (2) 40 inch cords, and (4) 6 inch Canopy Ties with balls, all color coded. You also get a great little carabiner which houses a handy tape measure.  The hooks on the cords are a plastic coated hooks. The cords are made of a high quality nylon. These are great for having around the house, tossing in your trunk or back of your truck. Great for camping, or anything else you need to secure.  And they don't smell like chemicals. I was given this set of cords to try and for giving my honest opinion of them. 


  1. In car car so when I go yardsaleing I can tie the trunk of the car down.

  2. In the canoe to hold things down (maybe the water bottles?)

  3. I would use these to help secure furniture when we move!