Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DFLifestyle USB Car Charger Review

I was given this DFLifestyle USB Car Charger in exchange for my honest review.
I really like this car charger, it is kind off small but yet it will charge 2 devices at once, it doesn't stick way up like my other charger an doesn't get in the way. I really like that it has 2 USB ports, as I like to have my phone charging and I use my MP3 player in the car and like to have it charging while it is playing since I also listen to my MP3 player at work, and do not want it to go dead. My husband and I like to explore our state a lot and it is also nice to be able to keep both of our phones charging and I love taking pictures so I am always charging my cameras and batteries, which will also plug into this charger. So it will be used by multiple devices, pretty much daily. 

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