Sunday, April 26, 2015

Coosh Heavy Duty MFI Car Charger for iPhone Review

I have a couple of Coosh products, and love them all, they are very sturdy products not like some chargers where you feel like if you move them too much they will be in the garbage. I really like that this will stop charging when you bttery is full, some products stay on until you turn them off and tend to get hot themselves or make your device hot, not this one. I also like that it is a 1 piece unit, while driving it is a little hard to chase down a cable that you have knocked loose and pay attention to the road. The cord is about 3 foot long so it will reach up to dash phone mounts with no problem.  This is made for Iphones and Ipod products. I was given this phone charger to try and give my honest review of.

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