Thursday, April 30, 2015

Closet Hanger Organizer Review.

I got my 2 pack set of Specialty Styles Closet Hanger Organizer in exchange for my honest review. I honestly love these hangers, I am able to empty 24 hangers out of my closet and replace them with just 2. 
I have a bunch of the bohemian style dresses that need no ironing, and each one of them was taking up a hanger in my closet. I looped one per hole in the hanger organizer and was able to put 12 on each one. I also have tons of night gowns, which I took out of the drawer and hung on one of the hangers and pretty much emptied the drawer. 
I know they are for mainly belts and scarves but they are so versatile and rattan wrapped with beads on the end of the hanger to make them safe for all materials. You could even hang lingerie or panty hose with no worries. These are just a great product and will be buying more. 

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