Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review: Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat Preteen E-Book

I was given a copy of Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat, written by Lady Jennivieres Quill in exchange for an honest review. The book centers on Tiffany Rink's aka Tiffy. Tiffy is in the 6th grade and is a beauty queen and a bully. The story starts on a cold day when Tiffy steals a very unusual hat out of the lost and found at school. During the day at school she steals a piece of birthday cake and makes a girl break her leg. When she gets home from school her parents see a bald spot on her head, and in the morning her bangs and eyebrows are gone. Her parents make her go to school and she wears her new hat. During a spelling bee she finds that she is completely bald now. All of this leads to her unusual stolen hat. The hats tag reads Ravenous Fashions 48% polyester 52% Flesh Born in Oklahoma. As Tiffy discovers the hat has eaten her hair. But after Tiffy's bad day she decides to turn her life around and become a good girl once again. So good does come from bad. In the end Tiffy's mom is shown the truth of the hat, who in turn cooks the hat for dinner and feeds it to her family (YUCK) I guess there was no bad reaction to that since it is not mentioned. This book is really a cute story for 8 to 12 year olds and does teach a good lesson about being a bully.

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Preteen E-Book NEVER ENDING BAD DAY Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat

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