Friday, March 14, 2014

Pocono Ghosts, Legends And Lore by David J. Seibold, Charles J. Adams III

My husbands Dad and Step Mom live on the top of Mount Pocono. Ever summer we visit them. There is no snow on the mountains so there really is not a lot to do in the summer. We take day trips all over Pennsylvania while we are visiting. But some days we just hang out on the mountain. I bought his book as well as the 2nd book in the set so we could check out the creepy things. I love the paranormal, so does my Mother In Law. I am taking this book with me on our vacation and we are planing on seeing what we can find and hoping to experience something ourselves.

David Seibold and Charles Adams have done a great job telling us where and why these places are considered haunted. Each place is described along with the history of the place and the possible ghost. They also add personal experiences of witnesses to the haunting if possible, as well as the rumors.

These books are fun to read whether you believe in ghosts or not. The history is very interesting.

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