Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pocono Ghosts : Book 2 by Charles J. Adams III

Who needs travel brochures when you have this book. It can take an ordinary day and turn it into an adventure. It can also turn it into a history lesson.  Charles J Adams has written several Ghost and legend books. I love his writing style. I love how he gives you the history of each place as well as the legend or lore. He also gives you first hand accounts from witness to the haunting. I love how he also tells you how the haunting came to be. Some of the places you cannot visit some the places have been torn down or whatever and he lets you know if you should stay away. He doesn't always give direct addresses but if you know the area you will know exactly how to get to the place by his descriptions.

This book is fun to read. We go to the Pocono's every year for vacation to visit family that lives on top of Mount Pocono. I will be taking this book with me this year and hopefully I can experience a ghost or too. That would really make my vacation awesome.

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