Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ghost Stories of Philadelphia, PA by Tim Reeser

I love anything paranormal! I am taking my first trip to Philadelphia so of course I had to grab as many Ghost story books as I can find. The ghost of books are one of the best history books out there. I think. I love how the books tell you the history of the place to let you know how the Ghost came to be.
It doesn't really matter if you believe in ghosts or not. These books are very interesting. I actually have a whole shelf of books by Tim Reeser and other authors or this type of book. Each time I am going to visit a place I try to get a ghost of book either before I go or while there. This books really is like a travel brochure to me.

Tim Reeser has done a great job telling about each place in the book along with personal experiences from witnesses to the hauntings. I really enjoyed the history added to each story.

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