Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pocono Ghosts : Book 2 by Charles J. Adams III

Who needs travel brochures when you have this book. It can take an ordinary day and turn it into an adventure. It can also turn it into a history lesson.  Charles J Adams has written several Ghost and legend books. I love his writing style. I love how he gives you the history of each place as well as the legend or lore. He also gives you first hand accounts from witness to the haunting. I love how he also tells you how the haunting came to be. Some of the places you cannot visit some the places have been torn down or whatever and he lets you know if you should stay away. He doesn't always give direct addresses but if you know the area you will know exactly how to get to the place by his descriptions.

This book is fun to read. We go to the Pocono's every year for vacation to visit family that lives on top of Mount Pocono. I will be taking this book with me this year and hopefully I can experience a ghost or too. That would really make my vacation awesome.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pocono Ghosts, Legends And Lore by David J. Seibold, Charles J. Adams III

My husbands Dad and Step Mom live on the top of Mount Pocono. Ever summer we visit them. There is no snow on the mountains so there really is not a lot to do in the summer. We take day trips all over Pennsylvania while we are visiting. But some days we just hang out on the mountain. I bought his book as well as the 2nd book in the set so we could check out the creepy things. I love the paranormal, so does my Mother In Law. I am taking this book with me on our vacation and we are planing on seeing what we can find and hoping to experience something ourselves.

David Seibold and Charles Adams have done a great job telling us where and why these places are considered haunted. Each place is described along with the history of the place and the possible ghost. They also add personal experiences of witnesses to the haunting if possible, as well as the rumors.

These books are fun to read whether you believe in ghosts or not. The history is very interesting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ghost Stories of Philadelphia, PA by Tim Reeser

I love anything paranormal! I am taking my first trip to Philadelphia so of course I had to grab as many Ghost story books as I can find. The ghost of books are one of the best history books out there. I think. I love how the books tell you the history of the place to let you know how the Ghost came to be.
It doesn't really matter if you believe in ghosts or not. These books are very interesting. I actually have a whole shelf of books by Tim Reeser and other authors or this type of book. Each time I am going to visit a place I try to get a ghost of book either before I go or while there. This books really is like a travel brochure to me.

Tim Reeser has done a great job telling about each place in the book along with personal experiences from witnesses to the hauntings. I really enjoyed the history added to each story.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Philadelphia Ghost Stories by Charles J. Adams III

My husband was born and raised in Philadelphia. We both live and met in Florida. I had never been to Philadelphia. So when we decided to spend part of our vacation in Philly I had to find out about the ghosts there. I love the paranormal, and definitely wanted to add a few haunted spots to our visit. 

Charles J Adams has a few Ghosts books and they are all great. I love how his books gives you the full history for each "Haunted" place in his books. Some of the stories are just rumored to be haunted but he gives you peoples accounts. You can take or leave each story but they are fun to read. His stories are interesting whether you believe in ghosts or not,